Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bipedal absconding admonition

First off I highly recommend Christopher Mcdougall's book "Born to Run". The video below is a NY Times interview with the author.

"The Roving Runner strides along Central Park barefoot with Christopher McDougall, author of the bestselling book "Born to Run."

"Shoes block pain, not impact!
Pain teaches us to run comfortably!
From the moment you start going barefoot, you will change the way you run. "

Here is some of the videos I've come across that I feel explain the biomechanics of running in very informative ways. Applying this information can help us all reduce injury, run faster, longer, and more efficiently:

"Born To Run Coach, Eric Orton, discusses and demonstrates run form and technique."

"Video illustrating a progression for teaching correct running technique - in particular, good initial footplant with the ball of the foot. Companion video to an article on the PE Digest website"

"All three athletes perform on national (the Netherlands) top level in their age group.

Karlijn (14) runs a 3,06.32 on 1000m, a 2,27 on 800m and a 5,16.4 on 1500m.

Corinde (12) does a 1,47.17 on 600m and a 3,09.07 on 1000m.

Diane (10), most eager one, runs a 3,20.27 on 1000m. She has a very nice pull and her running shows minor vertical oscillation.

The eldest two run the 5K well within 20 minutes."

Watching kids run, like other things, I believe, is a small window into what we ,as adults, should strive for. From the joy on their faces to the absolute vigor with which they run, but especially their running form which hasn't yet been ruined through years of shoe-caused muscle atrophy.  

"Overall very nice running, definitely a natural talent. Nevertheless there are issues to work on. Jurriaan (light as a feather) is landing lateral on BOF due to foot positioning and active landing. On the left almost crossing over the midline, the right foot lands about on the midline. To keep balance he has to shift his trunk to the lateral side excessively (lateroflexion). His "errors" show more when he runs at slow pace, then there's some active push-off as well. Also arm movement can be improved."

There is a message in the video poster's (Thjeko) defense. Less cushioning = less impact. You have to land softly with less cushioning... otherwise it hurts.  
Here is the link to which he refers regarding heel strike.

Here is a link to a nice explanation of some benefits and how to use a foam roller and tennis ball to give yourself a decent deep tissue massage after every run aiding in injury reduction and shortening recovery time. Foam Rolling for A**holes 

"While living I want to live well." - Geronimo

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