Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caveat- Dictum - Heed

Here is a segment from a Running Times article on minimalism. 

"But this running revolution is about much more than just shoes. Coinciding with new shoe designs is a growing movement from shoe brands, retailers, coaches, bloggers and technique gurus preaching the tenets of more efficient, natural running form. It's about continually developing core strength, being relentless about form drills and the notion that being a committed runner isn't merely about running miles and stretching.

Running in these new shoes requires stronger foot, ankle, lower leg and core muscle groups than traditionally cushioned trainers, and it takes time and effort to make the transition. Such a changeover will vary for every runner, but, even if you've been running and racing for years, if you don't conscientiously work on form and strength with minimal running, you could wind up with sore calf muscles, strained Achilles tendons, aching feet or more serious injuries, says Washington, D.C., podiatrist Stephen Pribut.

"The transition is very important, and it may take up to a few months to do that," says Pribut, who warns that numerous other factors, including a runner's weight, body composition, past injury patterns, level of fitness and running goals should be considered before making a drastic change in footwear styles."

Here is the link to this entire article

Here is another good article on making the transition

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