Sunday, May 1, 2011

These are great examples of proper mid foot/forefoot striking. 

 Notice even though he strides out in front of his body he doesn't weight his leading foot until it is almost directly underneath his body. 
He is also probably sprinting here so the stride may look a little exaggerated. 

I found this one helpful for myself due to seeing how neutral his foot lands here. The BOF (ball of foot) lands just a hair before the rest of his foot. Same as with the Kenyan runner.

They are forefoot/mid foot striking but you don't see the ,"pointing my toes like a bobsledder" that you see in many people trying to get away from heel striking. Make sure not to trade heel striking for black and blue toe nails of running too much on your toes.

Notice also that they are not gripping with their toes as they contact the ground. The toes naturally peel up off the ground as the foot rolls forward, but they aren't doing the "picking up a sock with your toes" scrunching of the toes at all.  This is something I've had to personally work to stop myself from doing because I was getting blisters on my toe pads.

Kick off your shoes and try and apply. It's hard to feel these little critiques when your foot is wrapped in a block of foam.

"While living I want to live well." - Geronimo

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