Saturday, May 19, 2012

12 years old and a great example

If you dig into the archive of this blog from last year (2011) I posted video analysis of him at 9 years old, and 10 years old. The video of him at 9 years old is in the first post I ever made here: Bipedal Absconding Admonition. Then at 10 years old here: 9 year old from below now at 10 years old..

Here is another update of this young man now at 12 years old

He is still a great example of fine running form and his mother does a great job of explaining any corrections/improvements yet to be made.

Thanks to Jacky for such great video analysis! 

"Jur is still enjoying running and does pretty well. Doing a 3.05 on 1Km and a 18.49 on 5Km. In the vid he's running on an Inov8 Roadshoe (1 arrow = 3mm heel)"

"While living I want to live well." - Geronimo

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